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Crivins 132 – Parent and Child

Crivins_coverIn episode 132 of Crivins, Kevie is joined by Lainey, Caroline and Dave Lee (known members of the Bugcast crew). The discussion is around children being on the internet and, more precisely, children participating on social media. With recent proposed changes to the law, this makes a child being on social media a huge risk to the parents. The track included in this episode:

Crivins 131 – How the West Won Christmas

CrivinsIn a Christmas related episode of Crivins, Kevie is joined by Lainey, Caroline and Dave Lee (known members of the Bugcast crew).  The discussion is around how Christmas has become less of a religious festival in the west and more of a business opportunity.  Does this happen with other religions in other parts of the world? We’d love to hear your views.  The track included in this episode:

Crivins 130 – The Whole Story

CrivinsIn episode 130 of Crivins, Kevie is joined by Bugcast co-host Dave Lee (AKA thelovebug) and first time guest Lainey to discuss the story that has been shown around the world and reported widely on national news channels of the US security guard and the school girl.  As the basis of the discussion, take a read of these two stories: security and cage. The trio discuss the dangers of trial by media and snippets of information being used to form very one sided arguments.

The track included in this episode:

Crivins 129 – Can Free Speech Be Too Free?

CrivinsFollowing an extended summer break, Kevie returns to the Crivins hot seat with Caroline Lee (Moosical).  Caroline is no stranger to the podcast, having filled in for Kevie during a previous summer break.  In the episode the discussion starts with the use of Telegram by Islamic extremist group ISIS and this develops into a conversation about freedom of speech.  Is too much freedom a good thing or a bad thing?


Crivins 126 – Attack Of The Fridge Freezers

CrivinsAs more of our household appliances become smart, will legislation be required to force manufacturers to keep patching them? If not, we’ll have armies of vulnerable devices being used in botnets, sapping our bandwidth and maybe inviting a knock on the door from the authorities.


Crivins 123 – One Person Projects

CrivinsAs Philip Newborough, better known as @corenominal online, calls time on his popular Debian based distro Crunchbang, we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using smaller projects.